Compute Severance and Notice Pay


Effective Date of Param.


SSI Ceiling Base

22.072,50 TL

SSI Minimum Base

2.943,00 TL

%15.0 Transfered Tax Base

0,00 TL

%20.0 Transfered Tax Base

22.000,00 TL

%27.0 Transfered Tax Base

49.000,00 TL

%35.0 Transfered Tax Base

180.000,00 TL

%40.0 Transfered Tax Base

600.000,00 TL

Minimum Wage

2.943,00 TL

1st.Degree Disability Allowance Amount

1.400,00 TL

2nd.Degree Disability Allowance Amount

790,00 TL

3rd.Degree Disability Allowance Amount

350,00 TL

Severance Compensation Ceiling

7.117,17 TL

Severance and Notice Pay Computation

Date Of Entry

Leaving Date

Monthly Gross Salary

Monthly Gross Meal and Travel Allowance

Annual Gross Bonus Amount

Other Annual Gross Earnings

Cumulative Income Tax Base


The computations are for informative purposes and expert opinion should be sought for final calculations.